Our Mail Order Business (B2C)

The GÖDE Group serves over 10 million customers globally through the mail order/online trading division.

This makes the corporate group one of the world’s largest mail order companies:

  • Over 40 years of successful (wholesale) trading for collectors, with an emphasis on coins and medals.
  • A provider of dietary supplements in the healthcare sector since 2015.

Online Trading/ eCommerce

  • Numerous international online shops.
  • The GÖDE Group has also been an online distributor since 1997.
  • Experts are involved in e-commerce on a daily basis, maintaining online shops and websites.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the most important means of customer contact for the GÖDE Group. This form of marketing has assured customer satisfaction for many years. Customers today can still rely on extensive product information, brochures, catalogues, and friendly and competent customer service.