Our contribution to environmental protection: Solar technology

With 25 solar plants in Germany, the GÖDE Group generates a total of 2,850,000 kWh, supplying more than 1,300 households with electricity every year. Our photovoltaic installations ensure that the environment does not suffer the adverse effects of a considerable volume of harmful carbon dioxide. 

PV installation at the Waldaschaff location:
Two solar carports on employee car parks and three rooftop installations
Total yield per annum: 293,000 kWh
This enables the corporate group to cover more than two-thirds of its annual electricity requirement at the Waldaschaff location through its own solar power.

PV installation at the Mechanicsburg location, PA, USA
Rooftop installation with 160 kWp, covering 75–100% of the annual power requirement.

Furthermore, we ensure that the manufacture of all our products is eco-friendly, sustainable and socially responsible. We aim to preserve and reflect this “natural quality” for our customers in our superior-quality products.