The GÖDE Group

The GÖDE Group consists of numerous companies that can all be traced back to the special astrophilatelistic mail order company founded in 1978. Back then, Dr Michael Göde laid the foundations for today's GÖDE Group in a garden house. With a total of eight global locations, numerous different brands and a powerful international network, business divisions encompass collectibles and coins, services, the establishment of new business divisions and external business participations.

Business areas

Years of expertise in a variety of areas.

Collectibles and coins

The GÖDE Group is one of the world's largest mail order companies in the area of high-quality collectors' items, focusing on coins and medals and many other collectibles.


For several years now, the GÖDE Group has gained many loyal customers around the world with its exclusive healthcare brands, and its development work is governed by the highest of quality standards.


As service companies, TAURUS and TEC Innovation are responsible for a large number of the GÖDE Group's business activities, including accounting, IT and many others.

Startups & business participations

TEC Ventures focuses on investments from the seed stage to expansion phase, constantly searching for extraordinary founding teams with innovative products or business models.

Facts & Figures

More than 40 years of experience.





> 500


> 10 Mio


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GÖDE Group history

Tradition, quality and know-how since 1978.

  • 1978

    It all began in 1978 with the establishment of Astrophilatelistischer Spezialversand Michael Göde, an astrophilatelic mail order business, in a garden house in Würzburg.

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GÖDE International

Customers all over the world can be reached and new markets developed through the numerous international locations of the GÖDE Group. Close business relations with experienced distributors facilitate further expansion of the international network.

Multi-channel: Our mail order business (B2C)

All GÖDE Group products are available through every distribution channel and, consequently, can reach every customer. The healthcare products of the corporate group are also available all over Germany in every pharmacy.


From mail order firm to internationally diversified enterprise.


The multitude of brands, products and offerings of the GÖDE Group generate an enormously positive response in many countries around the globe. Many years of experience gained in the international wholesale trade were exploited to build a broad international network and close partnerships with experienced distributors.